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1.5 OD, 12.7mm Dia., Reflective Neutral Density Filter

Stock #27-922 Fin de Série
Qté 1-5
Qté 6
Metallic Based ND
Diamètre (mm):
12.70 ±0.3
Densité Optique OD:
Épaisseur (mm):
Tolérance Épaisseur (mm):
Transmission (%):
Neutral Density Filter
Parallélisme (arcmin):
Tolérance Dimensionelle (mm):
Ouverture Utile (%):
Tolérance Densité Optique (%):

Regulatory Compliance

Reach 181:
RoHS 2015:

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Neutral density filters have constant density values across the surface. In stacks, the total density is the sum of each filter’s density. Neutral density filters are primarily used for the attenuation of light over a wide spectral range. They are often used in laser and photometer applications, where excessive power can cause damage or inaccurate results.

Note: Orient the mirrored side toward the source at an angle of incidence of 0°.

Commercial Grade Reflective Neutral Density Filters offer commercial quality, at an affordable price. Commercial grade optics have standard designs and are available on an ongoing basis. They are recommended for volume buyers or OEMs.

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