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TECHSPEC Modèle Standard, Force Centrale, Micromètre Etendue Impérial, 70mm

70mm, 0.5

70mm, 0.5" Travel, Micrometer Drive Stage (Center Drive)

Stock #66-428
Qté 1-2
Qté 3
Prix sur Quantité
Demande de Devis
Type of Movement:
Linear (X)
Aluminium Stage
Guide System:
V-groove, Crossed Roller Bearing
Précision (μm):
English Micrometer
Pas de Vis-Mère (mm):
Taille de Plateau (pouces):
2.75 x 2.75
Taille de Plateau (mm):
70 x 70
(8) ¼-20, (4) 6-32, (8) 2-56
Filetage au Centre:
Course (pouces):
Capacité de Charge (kg):
Drive Orientation:
Center Drive
Pitch (arcsec):
Yaw (arcsec):

Regulatory Compliance


Description commune pour les Produits de la même Famille

  • Four Sizes Ranging from 30 x 30mm to 125 x 125mm
  • English and Metric Hole Patterns Available
  • Micrometer and Lead Screw Drive Options
  • Easily Configured into X-Y and X-Y-Z Configurations

TECHSPEC® Crossed-Roller Bearing Linear Translation Stages (Standard-Top Model) feature an advanced crossed roller bearing guide system, which provides a high level of accuracy, rigidity and load capacity. This advanced guide system allows for these stages to offer precise positioning with straight line accuracy of 2μm. TECHSPEC Crossed-Roller Bearing Linear Translation Stages (Standard-Top Model) are designed to integrate with other stage sizes as well as with TECHSPEC Manual Translation Stages, providing enhanced flexibility and allowing the user to create any number of axes in different configurations. The standard-top model of these translation stages are available with an English ¼-20 TPI hole pattern and Metric hole pattern model with an M6 center mounting hole.

All translation stages are class 100 (ISO 5) clean room compatible and available with a micrometer or lead screw drive with either center or side drive configuration. Leadscrew drives offer 0.5mm pitch. Metric micrometers offer 0.5mm pitch with 0.01mm divisions, and English micrometers offer 0.025” pitch with 0.001" divisions.

TECHSPEC Z-Axis Brackets are available to use with our translation stages to configure your own X-Y-Z multi-axis positioning system. TECHSPEC Bottom Adapter Plates provide an easy and convenient way of mounting 30mm and 40mm stages to standard breadboards. No adapter plate is required for our 70mm and 125mm translation stages which can be mounted directly onto breadboards.

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