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15 x 21.21 x 2mm Elliptical Beamsplitter 50R/50T

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Prix sur Quantité
Demande de Devis
Dimensions (mm):
15.0 x 21.21
Tolérance Dimensionelle (mm):
Axe Mineur (mm):
Axe Majeur (mm):
Ouverture Utile (%):
Spécification du Traitement:
Surface 1: Dielectric, ±5% R/T @ 550nm
Surface 2: AR ¼λ MgF2 @ 550nm
Réflexion (%):
Épaisseur (mm):
Tolérance Épaisseur (mm):
Transmission (%):

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Elliptical beamsplitters maximize beamsplitting efficiency while minimizing required mounting space. When oriented at 45°, the beamsplitters create a circular aperture equal to the diameter of the minor axis. With an improved surface accuracy of λ/2, these beamsplitters are ideal for diffuse axial and in-line illumination integration. They are available in 50/50 beamsplitter coating and feature an anti-reflection coating to reduce back reflections.

Commercial Grade Elliptical Beamsplitters offer commercial quality, at an affordable price. Commercial grade optics have standard designs and are available on an ongoing basis. They are recommended for volume buyers or OEMs.

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