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High Power Laser Beam Visualizers

High Power Laser Beam Visualizers

High Power Laser Beam Visualizers

  • Laser Beam Detection from the UV to the NIR
  • High Damage Threshold for CW and Pulsed Lasers
  • Ideal for Laser Alignment Applications

High Power Laser Beam Visualizers are used to detect laser light from the ultraviolet (UV) to the infrared (IR). These beam visualizers feature a circular photosensitive region for beam detection, mounted to an aluminum rod for easy handling. A typical damage threshold of 1 J/cm2 at 10ns allows for detection of even high power laser sources. High Power Laser Beam Visualizers are available in two versions, one for detection of laser light from 880 to 1070nm and the other for detection from 190 to 1090nm as well as 1470 to 1600nm. The NIR visualizer has a green emission while the UV-VIS and IR visualizer has a red emission.

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