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Company / Meet the Team / Stefaan Vandendriessche

Stefaan Vandendriessche

The optics EO make enables the future and I love developing technology and product that inevitably helps customers achieve their goals. By being part of the initial development, EO has its hand in creating laser systems that process materials for tomorrow’s applications and those that advance medical applications that are making way for the next generation of medical care. Right Quotation Mark

Stefaan Vandendriessche is the Laser Optics Product Line Manager at Edmund Optics' Barrington, NJ, USA office. He works to develop the laser optics product offering and specify the right laser optical technologies at Edmund Optics to ensure that the products available meet the needs of our customers and advancing applications within the industry. He received his PhD in Nonlinear and Magneto Optics, MS in Chemistry, and BS in Biochemistry all from the University of Leuven located in Leuven, Belgium.


Published Articles

  • 06/2017 – "Demanding Applications Call for Reflective Objectives" by Stefaan Vandendriessche - Photonics Spectra
  • 02/2017 – "Evaporation rate-based selection of supramolecular chirality” by Shingo Hattori, Stefaan Vandendriessche, Guy Koeckelberghs, Thierry Verbiest, and Kazuyuki Ishii – Chemical Communications
  • 12/2016 – "No One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Selecting Optical Coatings" by Stefaan Vandendriessche - Photonics Spectra
  • 09/2016 – "Achrotech: achromat cost versus performance for conventional, diffractive, and GRIN components" by Jeffrey Morris, Greg Wolf, Stefaan Vandendriessche, and Scott Sparrold - SPIE Proceedings Vol. 9947
  • 09/2016 – "Laser Optics: Antireflection nanotextures for laser optics go commercial" by James Patrick Nole, Stefaan Vandendriessche, and Gregg Fales - Laser Focus World
  • 01/2016 – "Benefits of Stock Optics in Custom Designs" by Stefaan Vandendriessche - Photonics Spectra
  • 05/2014 – “The influence of magnetic fields on light–matter interaction” by Stefaan Vandendriessche – KU Leuven Arenberg Doctoral School, Faculty of Science
  • 04/2013 – “Magneto-optical harmonic susceptometry of superparamagnetic materials” by Stefaan Vandendriessche, Ward Brullot, Dimitar Slavov, Ventsislav K. Valev, and Thierry Verbiest – Applied Physics Letters
  • 03/2013 – “Giant Faraday Rotation in Mesogenic Organic Molecules” by Stefaan Vandendriessche, Stijn Van Cleuvenbergen, Pieter Willot, Gunther Hennrich, Monika Srebro, Ventsislav K. Valev, Guy Koeckelberghs, Koen Clays, Jochen Autschbach, and Thierry Verbiest – Chemistry of Materials

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