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Imaging Innovation Summit

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Imaging Innovation Summit Europe
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September 10, 2020

100% virtual, 100% original, 100% free.
An opportunity for quality learning about the most relevant facts, trends, and developments of the imaging industry.


EXPLORE not-so-obvious industry trends in vision and imaging technologies, including a keynote from Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne, Heidelberg University & Member of Board EMVA.


LEARN critical concepts and techniques for bringing sensors, optics, and illumination together through interactive presentations, demonstrations, and panel discussions.


NETWORK to problem solve and build partnerships with experienced imaging experts in the industry through virtual breakout sessions.


All times in Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Agenda subject to change, keep checking for additional details.

Listen to Dr. Boris Lange, EO’s Imaging Manager Europe, giving details on the agenda and explaining what you can expect.
Welcome & Introduction
Listen to Greg Hollows, VP, Imaging Business Unit at Edmund Optics, welcoming you and giving you an overview of the sessions.
 ; 13:10
Keynote by Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne
Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne, EMVA 1288 Chair since 2008 and member of the board of EMVA’s directors since 2015 will present the key note about what it takes to build an optimized imaging system. Mister Jähne became professor for image processing at Heidelberg University in 1994 and founded 2008 the Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI), an Industry-on-Campus project of Heidelberg University. He has 30+ years experience in teaching and 20+ years in continuous education and is author of several books and releases on image processing, published in German, English, and Russian language.
Interactive Application Demo 1: "Basics around working distance and focal length"

Nick Sischka, EO’s own imaging expert, presents 4 interactive product demonstrations, introduces critical concepts and helpful techniques. Here he gives you first insights.

Nick Sischka will guide you through application demonstration 1 discussing valuable details about working distance and focal length basics.

Energy Break
Demo 2
Deep learning through hands-on explanation straight from the imaging labs at Edmund Optics! Explaining how lenses can only cover certain sizes of sensors and the tradeoffs that come with that fact.
Panel Discussion - How to choose the right products for applications
Dr. Boris Lange, EO's Imaging Manager Europe, will be the moderator of our panel, in which EO's imaging experts will be addressing real-world issues related to building imaging systems during a dynamic, open and live discussion. In our video Katie Schwertz, Senior Design Engineer for Edmund Optics, introduces the panel of experts.

EO Imaging Expert Panel

Greg Hollows
Greg Hollows
VP, Imaging Business Unit
Jeremy Govier
Jeremy Govier
Principal Engineer
Katie Schwertz
Katie Schwertz
Senior Design Engineer
Nick Sischka
Nick Sischka
Manager of Sales Operations
Rhiannon Jenkins
Rhiannon Jenkins
European Project Manager Sales & Engineering
Thomas Armspach-Young
Sales & Applications Engineer
Energy Break
Interactive Application Demo 3 : Wavelength and f/#
Demo 3
How these two parameters can drastically change system performance and why they should not be overlooked.
Interactive Application Demo 4 - Axial and lateral chromatic aberration
Demo 4
Detailing how chromatic aberration manifests in different ways in an imaging system.
Breakout Sessions
This is your opportunity to speak directly with your industry peers to discuss common problems and brainstorm solutions. You will have the opportunity to pick a virtual round table to join that is most relevant to your needs. Join for a little while, or stick around longer, to build relationships and dive into deep discussions and exchange experiences. Our meeting rooms will stay open till around 18:00.

Virtual Round Table #1: Matching Sensors & Optics
Virtual Round Table #2: Design & Manufacturability
Virtual Round Table #3: Metrology
Virtual Round Table #4: General


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