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Imaging Innovation Summit

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June 9, 2020

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100% virtual, 100% genuine, 100% free.
An opportunity for quality learning to stimulate innovation in the imaging industry for years to come.


MASTER not-so-obvious industry trends in vision and imaging technology through a comprehensive keynote from a leading expert.


LEARN critical concepts and techniques for bringing sensors, optics, and illumination together through interactive presentations, demonstrations, and panel discussions.


NETWORK to problem solve and build lasting partnerships with some of the brightest in the industry through virtual breakout sessions.


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  1:00 PM
Welcome and Introduction
Listen as Greg Hollows, VP, Imaging Business Unit at Edmund Optics, details the agenda and what you can expect
  1:10 PM
Keynote - Mindset Needed for Building a Complete System
by Steve Wardell

Steve Wardell, Director of Imaging at ATS Automation™ and Chairman of the Board for Automated Imaging Association (AIA), will talk about the mindset needed for building a complete system. Attendees will learn how to approach their application need, ask the right questions, and understand the proper combination of imaging technologies to solve problems. This session will be accompanied by an application demonstration about working distance and focal length basics.
  2:00 PM
Energy Break
  2:15 PM
Panel Discussion - How to Choose the Right Products for Applications
Hear from some of the brightest in the industry as they address real-world questions from those in the trenches, building imaging systems during this dynamic, open discussion.

EO Imaging Expert Panel

Ken Barber
Ken Barber
Director of Engineering
Jeremy Govier
Jeremy Govier
Principal Engineer
Greg Hollows
Greg Hollows
VP, Imaging Business Unit
Katie Schwertz
Katie Schwertz
Senior Design Engineer
Nick Sischka
Nick Sischka
Manager of Sales Operations
  3:00 PM
Interactive Application Demonstration #1 – Lens Types, Resolution, and Sensor Coverage
Deep learning through hands-on explanation straight from the imaging labs at Edmund Optics! Explaining how lenses can only cover certain sizes of sensors and the tradeoffs that come with that fact.
  3:25 PM
Energy Break
  3:40 PM
Interactive Application Demonstration #2 – Wavelength and f/#
How these two parameters can drastically change system performance and why they should not be overlooked.
  4:05 PM
Interactive Application Demonstration #3 – Axial and Lateral Chromatic Aberration
Detailing how chromatic aberration manifests in different ways in an imaging system.
  4:30 PM
Session Wrap-ups
  4:35 PM
Energy Break
  4:50 PM
Optional Networking Roundtable Discussions
This is your opportunity to speak directly with your industry peers to discuss common problems and brainstorm solutions. You will have the opportunity to pick a virtual round table to join that is most relevant to your needs.


  • Virtual Roundtable #1: Pairing Sensors and Optics
  • Virtual Roundtable #2: Outfitting your Lab for your Needs
  • Virtual Roundtable #3: Building a Full System from off the Shelf Products
  • Virtual Roundtable #4: How to Drive Costs in Volume Production
  • Virtual Roundtable #5: Tradeoffs in Designing Imaging Optics
  • Virtual Roundtable #6: Custom Lens and Requirements and Getting to Prototypes and Production Quickly
For those who are seeking socialization after an intense day of learning, we will be setting aside one virtual roundtable room for this sole purpose. Grab your favorite drink and join this room from the beginning or after your chosen roundtable to catch-up with friends and colleagues or meet new ones in this casual, un-moderated setting.
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