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Schott AS87ECO Ultra-Thin Windows

Schott AS87ECO Ultra-Thin Windows

Schott AS87ECO Ultra-Thin Windows

  • High Level of Flexibility
  • Ultra-Thin Thickness for Low Profile Designs
  • Excellent Transmission from 250nm to >3µm

Schott AS87ECO Ultra-Thin Windows feature an extremely thin and flexible design for applications requiring a rugged, low profile. These windows have excellent mechanical properties, including a high bending and impact strength, minimizing the possibility of damage under normal operating conditions. They also provide excellent transmission from the UV to the IR, enabling integration into applications that range from biomedical to IR imaging. Schott AS87ECO Ultra-Thin Windows are manufactured through a draw-down process that virtually eliminates surface defects and provides the glass surfaces with an extremely low surface roughness. Common applications include their use as a cover glass for displays, fingerprint sensors, and touch panels, where their high scratch resistance prevents surface damage.

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