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Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses

TECHSPEC® Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses

TECHSPEC® Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses

  • Mounted N-BK7 Lenses for Easy Integration into Laser Systems
  • Positive Focal Lengths from 60mm to 120mm
  • AR Coated for Nd:YAG Laser Lines

TECHSPEC® Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses are an economical and convenient option for focusing light from Nd:YAG lasers systems and other laser systems emitting between 500 - 1100nm. These N-BK7 lenses are mounted in an anodized aluminum housing for easy integration into laser systems. Each housing is engraved with the stock number, focal length, and coating name for identification. TECHSPEC Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses are coated with an Nd:YAG broadband antireflection coating (YAG-BBAR), providing less than 0.25% reflectance at the laser lines of 532nm and 1064nm. Please contact us if your laser system requires a custom TECHSPEC Laser Focusing Singlet Lens with one of our standard TECHSPEC Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses.

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