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TECHSPEC T-Mount Tube System Polarizer Holders

TECHSPEC 50mm T-Mount Polarizer Holder (#11-147)

TECHSPEC 50mm T-Mount Polarizer Holder (#11-147)

  • Designed for 50mm Diameter Polarizers
  • Provides Polarizer Rotation Up to 90° within Holder
  • Easily Integrates a Polarizer or Retarder into T-Mount Systems
  • Also Available as C-Mount or S-Mount Versions

The TECHSPEC® T-Mount Tube System Polarizer Holder is used to easily integrate polarizers or retarders into T-Mount systems. The holder is designed for 50mm diameter polarizers and hold polarizers up to 9mm thick using the included retainer ring. When fastened into the holder, a polarizer can rotate up to 90° while the T-Mount threads remain fixed in place. The TECHSPEC T-Mount Tube System Polarizer Holder allows the user to control the orientation of polarization axis in the system.

Note: The female T-Mount must be removed to install a polarizer using an Allen Wrench.

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