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Experimental Grade Specialty Prisms

Porro-Abbe Prism
Mounted Porro Prism

Porro-Abbe Prism

Mounted Porro Prism

  • Unique Prisms for a Range of Optical Applications
  • Quantities Extremely Limited, Buy While Supplies Last
  • Commercial Grade Right Angle, Penta, and Equilateral Prisms Also Available

Specifications for experimental grade optics may vary as much as 10% from those listed. Also, no additional information is available other than what is provided.

Porro-Abbe Prism

A Porro-Abbe prism is sometimes called a double right angle prism. Two of them are used to make an erecting system for telescopes and some models of binoculars. One of these prisms can be used to bend an image 90° and rotate a vertical image horizontally.

Mounted Porro Prism

A 45°-90°-45° reflecting prism whose surfaces form the 90° angle reflecting the light beam through a total angle of 180°.

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