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Emergency Inclement Weather Information

Emergency Inclement Weather Information

There are no emergencies at this time. All of our locations are operating on a normal schedule.

Emergency Information

In the case of a State of Emergency, where vehicles are not permitted on the roads, EO will be closed. Employees should NOT report to work and all employees will be paid their normal hours for the day.

In the case of "business as usual" and the facilities are open, please use your own judgment in deciding to come to work. If you feel that it is unsafe for you to travel, you are encouraged you to use your PTO.

To determine the building status:

  1. All Barrington Employees should call the Emergency Hotline at 1-800-363-1992 ext. 6699 for updated building status information for the Barrington Facility. This line will be updated by 6:30 a.m.
  2. Check EO's Emergency Inclement Weather Information Page (www.edmundoptics.com/emergency), Facebook (www.facebook.com/edmundoptics), and/or Twitter (www.twitter.com/edmundoptics) accounts. These will be updated in the event of a facility closure.

If there is a power outage and the hotlines are not operational, managers are to contact their employees with a building status update. Please make sure you provide your manager with up to date contact information and update the ADP Portal accordingly.


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