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Olly Simmons

Since I joined EO I have seen the European arm of the company grow and evolve from humble beginnings to currently representing almost a third of the global turnover. It is exciting to be involved in this evolution and know that I have helped to shape the company so far and will continue to do so in the future. I have been involved in Technology all of my life and enjoy seeing new technologies, how they can benefit the world and how we can bring them to our customers. As the world continues to change it is great to know that I am with a company that is able to keep pace with these changes and to strive to always stay ahead of the competition.Right Quotation Mark

From an early age, I loved astronomy and was curious about how math worked in the real world, not in the theoretical world of pen and paper or software simulations. Sir Patrick Moore’s Sky at Night program on the BBC originally drew me to astronomy and the math behind it. In the pursuit of my Bachelor of Science, in Physics with Planetary and Space Physics at Aberystwyth University, I was lucky enough to meet many inspirational teachers and lecturers but none as much as Professor Phil Williams. He was genuinely excited about his work on solar physics and that came through in each and every lecture he gave. His enthusiasm led to my own excitement in all types of science and technology.

I was first drawn to Edmund Optics when I heard that EO lenses had been to the moon with Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins on Apollo 11. However, the main reason I joined EO was the fact that the company was just developing in the European region and I would be able to help grow and shape its evolution over the years. I was the first European Application Engineer for EO, so my main role was to create and populate a European knowledge database of our products, create systems and procedures to ensure that our customers received product that was suitable for use in Europe, and also ensure that we complied with European regulations.

I have been fortunate to work in a variety of roles that challenged me every step of the way. To this day and in my role as the European Product Line Manager, I use the knowledge I gained from working closely with global staff in the Americas, Europe, and Asia and from getting hands on experience with all EO products. My career has progressed as the company grew but we have always focused on quality and service.

Olly Simmons is responsible for Edmund Optics’ (EO) Compliance and IT systems for the European region and is located in the UK office in York. He handles all aspects of Compliance for EO's European customers, including export controls, environmental regulations, GDPR and NDAs. He also manages the day to day operations of the various IT systems in Europe as a member of the larger global IT department.


My Biggest Accomplishment

I have brought a number of products to EO over the years through being a PLM and have had input on many others, such as the Optical Component Mounts being threaded for both metric and Imperial.

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