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Gregg Fales

Getting the right products in the hands of our customers has changed dramatically in my years with Edmund Optics. The internet has forever altered how we communicate with our customers. Our target markets have ridden the technology bubbles and booms, global recessions, the creation of the Eurozone and expansion of Chinese capitalism, forcing us to constantly evolve in uncertain times. And our industry has seen its fair share of consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions, indelibly shifting the competitive landscape. Throughout that time, Edmund Optics has steadfastly believed that if we have the right products and we deliver them when customers need them, we can prosper through all of these changes. I’m proud to be a part of determining what those right products are, and every day I’m excited to learn how customers have integrated our products into their equipment. And, just as importantly, I’m eager to learn about the challenges our customers face – solving those challenges will fuel our next great product ideas.Right Quotation Mark

Gregg Fales is the Senior Product Line Manager at Edmund Optics’ Barrington, NJ, USA office. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, he is responsible for working closely with the Product Line Management team to expand the Edmund Optics’ product offering. He enjoys the challenge of turning customer needs and ideas into products and innovating how EO brings those products to market. Gregg previously held the positions of Applications Engineer, where he provided engineering support to our customers, Applications Engineering Manager, Product Line Manager, and Senior Business Analyst at the EO Barrington, NJ, USA office. He received his BS in Optics from the University of Rochester, in Rochester, NY, USA.


My Biggest Accomplishment

When I joined the PLM team, we had fewer than 10,000 stock numbers. Today, we have over 25,000 stock numbers and I’ve had an active hand in many of those additions. Of particular note:

Published Materials

  • 09/2016 – "Laser Optics: Antireflection nanotextures for laser optics go commercial" by James Patrick Nole, Stefaan Vandendriessche, and Gregg Fales - Laser Focus World
  • 01/2013 – "Simplify laser system design with dichroic filters and mirrors" by Gregory Fales – Laser Focus World
  • 05/2011 – "ASPHERES: Fabrication choices impact IR asphere design" by Gregory Fales – Laser Focus World
  • 06/2010 – "Aspheric Lens Fabrication: Correcting chromatic aberration in aspheric lenses" by Gregory Fales and Martin Weinacht – Laser + Photonik
  • 11/2009 – "UV OPTICS: New optical developments boost near-UV applications" by Gregory Fales – Laser Focus World
  • 10/2009 – "Choosing Optics for Medical Lasers" by Gregory Fales and Kristin Vogt – Nasa Tech Briefs
  • 10/2008 – "Glasses roll aspheres into the mainstream" by Gregg Fales – Optics & Laser Europe
  • 06/2004 – "Lens specifications for machine-vision optics" by Gregg Fales – Hearst Electronic Products


  • 02/2008 – "Hybrid optics offer high-end performance" Gregg Fales, interviewed by: Jacqueline Hewett – Optics.org

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